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So you are ready to BUY - Now what?

Christine Norcross

Christine Norcross is Principle of The Norcross Group.  Christine brings to residential real estate a unique business -like approach...

Christine Norcross is Principle of The Norcross Group.  Christine brings to residential real estate a unique business -like approach...

Feb 5 4 minutes read

Here are some helpful suggestions to be prepared when you are ready to purchase your home in Wellesley or Natick, Needham, Newton, Weston, Wayland, Sudbury and

Down Payment - Down payments are typically 5-20% depending on the home and mortgage package.   Most buyers in our market put down 20% to avoid the PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance.  There are mortgage companies that can do loans with our PMI and it just cost a little more on the interest rate.

Income Verification, Credit History & Asset Documentation - Talk with your mortgage banker ahead of time regarding all the documentation that will be required.  There is a lot of paperwork required.  It is worth your time to invest in gathering all the paperwork. Here are some to name a few - W2's, Bank Statements, 1099, Federal Tax Returns, etc.  Good Credit score will help you get a better rate.  If you credit score is low you can work with a company to help you improve it.  (Reach out to Raves Mortgage and specifically Pete Fickeisen )

Impartial Third-Party Appraisal - The bank will send out an appraiser to do an appraisal on then home.  Make sure you ask the mortgage banker to request this once your offer is accepted - don't wait!

1: - Credit History - there are several websites you can check your credit score so you know.  One is that I have used. There are many others.

2:  - Documentation - So the work now. Start gathering last 2 year tax returns, copy of W2's, 3 months Bank statement copies, Stock Portoflio copy, Retirement account information, etc.  The banks require a lot of documentation but well work it to get prepared NOW!

3: - Professional - There are many mortgage companies and mortgage brokers.  Make sure you find a good one with a solid reputation.  I have financed (and refinanced) my home with Raveis Mortgage so I am a little biased.  And specifically Pete Fickeisen  at Raveis Mortgage.  If you have not found a good realtor yet we have a team of experts that are ready to help you.  Send us a note here:  We will contact you ASAP.

4: - What more can I say? For a good Mortgage professional -  Talk to Pete Fickeisen 

5: - Pre-Approval letter.  Once you talk to your mortgage broker they will generate a Pre-Approva letter.  Make sure it is a Pre-Approval not a Pre-qualification letter.  In multiple offer situation they will want to know you are Pre-Approved versus pre-qualified.  

We are a full time team of Real Estate Professionals - Christine Norcross & Partners.  We love helping our clients with their home search.  Love to help you.  Take a moment and reach out to us and we would be delighted to provide more helpful suggestions like this as well as get you started!

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